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If you are not sure how to label flavours in your product please enjoy a quick read.

Flavours are an important part of some cosmetic products, but we are not told what is in them.  We often get asked how they should be labelled.Here is the answer from the Consumer Goods Legislation that refers to cosmetics: flavour has the same meaning as the definition of flavor in the International Cosmetic Ingredient...

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There is much confusion about the use of the terms "pressed" and "processed" and it is helpful to understand the difference. Many carrier oils and essential oils are used in the manufacture of our body care products and soaps.  These have, in many instances, been pressed from the flesh, seeds,...

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Ever wonder why your liquid oils seem to weigh less than the expected weight?  Hopefully this article will help explain it for you.

Have you ever received a delivery of oil and wondered why it is lighter than you expected?  It has to do with specific gravity, and all oils are not the same.  Those fancy scales that tell you that they are "weighing" your product in milliliters are actually assuming you are...

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