Product Profile: Foaming Bath Butter


Foaming bath butter is a product that has been kept quiet for far too long.  The versatility of this base is amazing.  The mild and moisturising paraben free product is suitable for body and face. It is a cleansing product suited to shower or bath applications and has potential to achieve a light fluffy texture with simple whipping to increase volume   We have supplied recipes here of a simple whipped body butter and a walnut shell scrub, but with the addition of salt or sugar (up to 60%) alternate scrubs can be made using a simple kitchen mixer or hand beaters. Layer different colours and fragrances to make a body soufflé to impress.  How about some kaolin clay in the mix for a shaving cream to make him feel extra special?  Of course any skin safe fragrance or essential oil can be added to bring it in line with your signature range or favourite scent.