Beard Oil Base Now Available

With beards having made a leap back into vogue, the most striking ones are well maintained with a quality beard oil or balm. Heirloom have made this easy for you by introducing a quality, balanced beard oil base.  This can remain in its natural state, or have essential/ fragrance oils added to it if you like it scented. 
If you wish to make a balm simply melt beeswax over low heat, remove from the element and mix in the beard oil to the consistency compliant with your climate, and scent if desired.
A beard oil or balm can be massaged gently through the hair and down to the hair root to stimulate growth and exfoliate dead skin.  Comb gently into place to achieve a stunning, freshly groomed appearance.

Beard Oil For Markets

Consider adding beard oil to your table for your next markets as a male aspect is always appreciated for those not so interested in your other wares.
As with all personal care items, cooler temperatures will increase the longevity of your products