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Product of the week:
Palm Free Organic Emulsifier

We are proud to announce the introduction of an organic certified (EcoCert) completely palm free emulsifier made from extra virgin olive oil, and wheat and oats derived proteins.
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This PEG free emulsifier is GMO free, and is compatible with vegetable oils, mineral oils, esters, silicone, sunscreen, pigments…and the list goes on.
This active creates emulsions with a very pleasant white appearance and characteristic soft-touch.  It is stable at high temperature  without addition of co-emulsifiers. The outstanding skin-feel is a very important marketing advantage and provides immediate perceptions of skin smoothness, softness and silkiness which are easily noticeable during and after application.
OlivOil is very stable at pH 5.0-7.0
A fluid emulsion can be made with 2-5% 

A thick emulsion can be made with 5-10% 

Trial your current recipe with an even quantity swap and see how well it compares with what you have been using (changes will be required in some recipes)

This product is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those concerned about the use of palm oil in their product.
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