Body butters can come in two formats. There is the pure body butter which is a combination of butters and oils that are often whipped to form a rich but oily skin salve type product. However, the product commercially sold as a body butter is actually a thick cream. This recipe follows the comercial concept

This cream recipe is broken into 3 phases, the oil phase, the water phase, and the additives phase.

Oil phase

  • 75gm Almond oil
  • 75gm Apricot kernel oil
  • 100gm Shea butter
  • 10gm Mango butter
  • 60gm Emulsifying wax BTMS 25
  • 30gm Stearic acid

Water phase

  • 610gm water
  • 20gm sodium lactate

Additives phase

  • 10gm Optiphen plus preservative
  • 10gm Sweet Cakes coconut fragrance oil (or fragrance of your choosing)


  1. Weigh out your oil phase ingredients and place them in a double boiler arrangement or on low direct heat on the stove.
  2. Weigh out your water phase ingredients into a separate pot and treat as you have the oil phase.
  3. Heat both until they are 70ºc.
  4. Remove from the heat and combine using a hand beater or stick blender, beating for several minutes to ensure emulsion.
  5. Blend periodically after this to ensure the ingredients stay unified until your mix reaches 45ºc.
  6. Mix in your additives phase and stir well to ensure everything has been evenly combined and allow to cool completely to room temperature before transferring to jars and capping tightly.