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This light scented , invigorating soap recipe is great for those mornings where a little "wake up" encouragement is a welcome thing

This cold process soap recipe assumes you have basic knowledge of making soap from scratch.  If this is not the case please study our tutorial on cold process soap making before attempting this recipe. Ingredients Oil Phase 340gm Coconut oil (rbd or extra virgin) 300gm Palm oil 100gm Macadamia oil...

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The marvelous healing powers of hemp seed oil make this very fresh scented soap into a wonder to behold.

This hemp seed based soap will amaze. Ingredients: 300gm Olive oil 250gm Coconut oil 200gm Hemp seed oil 170gm Palm oil 50gm Shea butter 30gm Castor oil 141gm Lye (caustic soda) 300gm Water 20gm Sodium lactate Blue liquid soap colour – approximately 1.5 teaspoons, varied to requirements Sea spice fragrance...

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The warming scent of pomegranate with the light and amazing soap base recipe will delight

Fresh and fruity with a wonderful skin feel - what more could you ask of a soap? Ingredients:  500ml Macadamia nut oil 250gm Coconut oil 250gm Soybean oil 320gm Water 141gm Lye 30gm Sodium lactate 1 teaspoon Rubine liquid soap colour 30gm Pomegranate fragrance oil (sweetcakes) Directions: Always wear protective...

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