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The warming scent of pomegranate with the light and amazing soap base recipe will delight

Fresh and fruity with a wonderful skin feel - what more could you ask of a soap? Ingredients:  500ml Macadamia nut oil 250gm Coconut oil 250gm Soybean oil 320gm Water 141gm Lye 30gm Sodium lactate 1 teaspoon Rubine liquid soap colour 30gm Pomegranate fragrance oil (sweetcakes) Directions: Always wear protective...

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Insect controlling and wonderful cleaning capabilities that will suit your most adored companion.

The addition of neem oil to this soap aids flea control while adding a natural look to the finished product. Ingredients: Coconut oil 100g (30%) Olive oil 100g (30%) Palm oil 100g (30%) Neem essential oil 30g (10%) Sodium lactate 6g (2%) (approx) Water 112.5g Lye 48gr (6% superfat gives...

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Luxury personified. Rich and creamy and so summer - awesome

Creamy and luxurious, the dense bubbles with make you feel very pampered. Ingredients: Olive oil 500gm Coconut oil 200gm Palm oil 150gm Soy bean oil 120gm Beeswax 30gm Goats milk 300gm Lye 140gm Sodium lactate 30gm Dairy cream 50gm Summer peach Fragrance Oil 30gm 1/4 teaspoon Orange liquid soap colour...

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