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If your recipe is asking you to adjust your pH at the end and you are not sure how to, please have a read to assist you with this step.

When making water-based products for skin application it is important they are neither too acidic nor too alkali, to avoid irritation.  Therefore, the pH needs to be adjusted to a skin compatible level (generally accepted as 5.5) at the end of your products creation.  The crafting phase of our development is when...

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Common soap making oils and their usage rates - helpful to beginner and experienced soapers alike.

There are many oils available for making soap on the market these days.  Oils with a short shelf life or are prone to rancidity are not recommended as they will also shorten the life of your soap.  Here are some that will give you an idea what you are looking...

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Essential oil blending can allow your creativity to come to the fore while creating a scent exclusive to you.

Essential Oil Blending  At a time in your life when stress levels are high and the need for calm and peace abound, the scent of your surroundings can impact your mental health more than is realised. Creating something that resonates with you personally may help ease your woes, and help...

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