Plastic soap moulds that are not Milky Way brand are listed here. Many are also a great choice for bath bombs or even shampoo or conditioner bars.

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38mm Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mould

This little cutie is an amazing size for foot spas and smaller fizzie requirements. Pack your bath bomb mix tightly into both sides, put a little loose mix in the...

63mm Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mould

This stainless steel bath bomb mould is sturdy and resilient, making mid sized bath bombs ready for wrapping. Simply pack both sides of the mould tightly with your mix, sprinkle...

75mm Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mould

This bath bomb mould certainly makes a statement. Making a whopping 75mm bath bomb, will the fizzing ever end? Simply pack both halves of your mould tightly with mix, sprinkle...
Heart & Flower Mould showing two heart cavities and two flower

Heart & Flower Mould

2 heart cavities and 2 flower cavities per mould The heart and flower has the heart being 6cm x 6cm x 3cm and the flower being 6cm x 6cm x...
Heart Mould showing 4 heart shaped cavities

Heart Mould

Suitable for soap or bath bombs 4 hearts per mould These are 7.5cm cheek to cheek and 6.5cm dip to tip and 2.5cm deep
Plastic Bath Bomb Mould 40mm

Plastic Bath Bomb Mould 40mm

This 4cm diameter bath bomb mould has two interlocking halves. Fill each half with your mixture separately. Place loose mix on top of one half. Close the mould tightly around...

Plastic Bath Bomb Mould 70mm

Made of two interlocking halves this bath bomb mould is 70mm in diameter from the outside edge.  Internal diameter is 67mm. By packing each half separately, placing extra loose material...
2 small rose shaped soaps to show rose mould  - 9 cavity product

Rose Mould - 9 cavity

Heirloom's cute little rose mould is a great B & B soap option, hand basin soap, melt mould or even chocolate mould.The finished product has the following dimensions:Height: 2.5cmDiameter: 3.5cmCavities:...
Shell Star Soap/Bath Bomb Mould

Shell Star Soap/Bath Bomb Mould

The Shell Star Soap/Bath Bomb Mould has a few options in one place. There are two styles of star cavity and one large shell cavity on the one mould that...