This lightweight and durable bath bomb mould can be used easily and effectively many times. This is a mid sized bath bomb mould and the most popular of the range. A 42mm and 60mm are also available to round out your collection. With a very low chance of significantly damaging the them, these aluminum moulds are recommended for those who will give them continued use. The moulds themselves have no interlocking edges (as seen with our Plastic bath bomb moulds) but their flared lip does make for easy pressing together with easy line up.
Simply overfill both sides of the mould with your bath bomb mix, hold over your bowl, and compress together. Twist slightly to assist the line up. Remove carefully from the mould and allow to dry in a non-humid environment for 24 hours.
Run a hot bath, add the bath bomb and enjoy.

NB. The moulds have a flat edge on the top and bottom of them

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