Dark, sexy and alluring, this fragrance oil is sure to make a bold statement. This true coffee fragrance will whisk you away to the coffee shops of Italy. With luscious top notes of delicious coffee, cream and milk, the middle nutty, caramel, fragrances are rounded off by the base brown sugar scents.

Body Application  - Skin Safe. 
Not approved for lips
Leave on recommendation 0.3-0.8% (IFRA limit 60.00%)
Wash off recommendation 0.5-1% (IFRA limit 100%)
Armpit application recommendation 0.3-0.5% (IFRA limit 12.50%)

Soap: Cold process, hot process, melt and pour
Recommended CP Usage Rate: not recommended due to acceleration (IFRA limit 69.58%)
Acceleration: May cause issue in some batches-please test
Recommended M & P Usage Rate: 2-3%

Discolouration: Tan to deep brown
Vanillin Content: 1% 

Household Applications
Cleaning Products: Recommended to 2% (IFRA limit 100%)
Candles - Recommended usage 10% (IFRA Unlimited)
Gel Candles: TBA
Room Spray: Recommended 2% (IFRA limit 100%)
Diffuser - Recommended usage 25% (IFRA Unlimited)

INCI: Fragrance or Perfum

 This product is set for discontinuation when sold out

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