Think back to the last time you plucked a little fat yellow banana lolly from that bag of mixed sweets and breathed in its alluring scent. That is just what this natural flavour oil is like. That yummy banana sweetness will win out every time.

Suggested usage 2-3% in lip balms, lotions and skin care
Not suitable for cold process soap.

Vegan and Vegetarian
Gluten Free
Phthalate Free
Flashpoint >93ºC

IFRA Catefory Product Type Maximum Level of Use For IFRA Standards Suggested Level Of Use
Category 1 Lip products
100% 2-3%
Category 2
Underarm products
100% 1%
Category 3
Baby lotion/cream
100% 1%
Category 4
Body cream/lotion
100% 2%
Category 5
Hand Cream
100% 2-3%
Category 6
Mouth products
100% 2%
Category 7
Baby wipes
100% 1%
Category 8
Makeup removers
100% 0.5-1%
Category 9
Soap & bath products
100% 2-5%
Category 10
Shampoo & Conditioner
100% 1-2%
Category 11 Candles 100% 10%

Compliant to IFRA standages up to 100%. This is not a usage rate but safety maximum.

This table lists IFRA Conformity for this product. Product type for each category is one suggestion from the category. Should you wish to know maximum level of use for other products but don't know their category please check this listing

** The maximum level of use is NOT a suggested usage level but the MAXIMUM allowed to comply with IFRA standards


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