Our fabulous 100% pure camellia oil is cold pressed, refined, and Australian Certified Organic.

It is beneficial for all skin types, particularly to sensitive, dry and mature skin. Rich in vitamins A, B and E , Camellia Oil is perfect in formulations used to improve skin elasticity and combat the appearance of aging. The antioxidant qualities of this product benefit longevity of the oil and can be helpful in preventing oxidation in the oils in your formulation to a small extent.

Camellia oil is wonderful when used in hair products as well as face and skin care for its moisturising capabilities. It is non-greasy and is readily absorbed, making it extremely soothing for dry skin.

Botanical Name: Camellia oleifera
Method of extraction: Cold pressed, then refined
Part Used: Seed
INCI: Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil
CAS Number:

Vegetarian and vegan. 


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