PLEASE NOTE THAT A SMALL NUMBER OF USERS HAVE FOUND LEAKAGE TO OCCUR WHEN CARS ARE LEFT IN HOT SUN FOR LONG TIMES. Please ensure cap is correctly placed and tightened to reduce risk. Do not oversaturate timber with fragrance.
We suggest tying a ribbon at the join of the bottle and cap to absorb and dissipate any fragrance that may pool around the neck of the bottles. Alternatively, an organza bag tied into the join will absorb any additional fragrance and improve dispersion

Please be aware of this possibility before purchase.

These adorable glass bottles have a cork insert to absorb fragranced diffuser base to constantly scent your car. The metal ring on the top of the lid ensures that the product does not wick up the string, while the star holes allow fragrance to seep into your passenger compartment creating a wonderful ambiance. Extra fragrance loading may be required for a stronger scent. 20-50% is the recommended amount.
Please test product with your fragrance choice if you intend selling as some fragrances are more suited than others due to fragrance strength and powder content in the fragrance make-up. Initial purchase of a small quantity is highly recommended.

Fill your bottle with diffuser oil you have already made from our reed diffuser base and fragrances. Place the plastic plug in the neck of the bottle, screw on the lid until ready to use. At this time carefully remove the plug and replace the lid. If selling these products please ensure customers are aware to have the lid correctly and tightly applied.
Tip bottle upside down for 1 second and roll the bottle at a 45 degree angle to allow the fragrance to seep into the corked lid. Repeat as necessary. Allow the product to difffuse for several days at least before considering re-moistening the cork

The bottle stands 5cm to the top of the shoulder, or 6.5cm including the bead and hang loop. Diameter is 2.3cm. Bottle holds 4ml.