This wonderful natural wax has an awesome crystallising finish when unmoulded once made into pillars or votives.

This wax is best suited to Votive and Pillar candles with the results very dependent on temperature, but by adhering to the following suggestions will result in amazing results.

Aluminium mould temp: 60 – 70°C
Wax pour temp: 85- 90°C
Cooling temp: Room temp of 20 – 30°C
100gms will return approximately 109ml finished candle volume

It generally takes 45 to 60 minutes to cool but this time does not ensure complete solidification of the wax. Candles can be demoulded once the hard ring of outer layer wax with the desired crystal pattern is formed. Further cooling of the candle outside the mould is preferred but not essential. The candle should slip easily from the mould once cooled.

Add colour pigment only when palm wax is fully melted and reached the recommended pouring temperature. Make sure the colour pigment is fully dissolved. Stir well to ensure that the colour is homogenously distributed in the melted palm wax.

Made from palm oil only sourced from sustainable palm plantations.
The supplier of this wax is a member of the RSPO and GNN and a contributor to the Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre as they take the plight of the orang-utan population very seriously.

6% Maximum fragrance loading is recommended



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