This fabulous fresh melon scent has "summer" written all over. The scent of freshly cut melon with juice dripping from chin and elbows wafts magically in the air.
Fabulously versatile, this fragrance performs well in all applications including candles and melts, creams and lotions, melt and pour soap and cold process soap.

Body: Skin Safe
Soap: CP, HP M & P.
Recommended CP Usage rate: 30-40ml per kilo of oils
Accelerates: No
Discolouration: Mid brown
Soy: Excellent.
Paraffin: Excellent
Gel: No
Flashpoint: 61ºC(142ºF)
Phthalate Free: Yes.
Vegan: Yes

This table lists IFRA Conformity for this product. Product type for each category is one suggestion from the category. Should you wish to know maximum level of use for other products but don't know their category please check this listing

** The maximum level of use is NOT a suggested usage level but the MAXIMUM allowed to comply with IFRA standards

IFRA Catefory Product Type Maximum Level of Use For IFRA Standards Suggested Level Of Use
Category 1 Lip products Not Suitable 0
Category 2 Underarm products 6.67% 1%
Category 3 Baby lotion/cream 33.33% 1%
Category 4 Body cream/lotion 33.33% 2%
Category 5 Hand Cream 33.33% 2.50%
Category 6 Mouth products Not Suitable 0
Category 7 Baby wipes 13.33% 1%
Category 8 Makeup removers 33.33% 0.5-1%
Category 9 Soap & bath products 33.33% 3-5%
Category 10 Shampoo & Conditioner 33.33% 1-2%
Category 11 Candles 100.00% 10% max

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