Known as eva beads, aroma beads and scent beads among others, these absorbent little treasures will hold at least 20% of their weight in fragrance oil to make great car scenters, wardrobe fragrance bags or draw smellies (don't use a bag for this purpose as staining may occur)

Zip lock bags are great for making up this product. Weigh out your beads and add 20% of their weight in fragrance oil directly into the bag (100gm of beads will need 20gm fragrance) Add a little oil soluble colour if you wish them coloured such as our colour powders. Seal the zip lock bag and carefully mix the beads and colour together with a gentle massaging motion for a few minutes. Allow to sit for a few days to absorb the oil. Massage a few times each day to ensure even absorption. When all oil has been absorbed these can be packaged in mini organza bags, glass jars or suitable small boxes with aeration capabilities.

Made from EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer

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