A strong, true gardenia that holds up wonderfully in soap, candles, and toiletries. One of our best-sellers, year in and year out.


Body: Skin Safe
Soap: CP, HP, M & P
Recommended CP Usage Rate: 20-27.5gm per kg of oils
Recommended M & P Usage Rate: 1.5-2.75%
Acceleration: No
Discolouration: No
Soy: Excellent
Paraffin: Excellent
Gel: No
Flash point: 82ºC (180ºF)
Vegan: Yes

IFRA Maximum Concentrations.  These are not recommended usage levels:

Class 1 – Lip Products: Not Suitable
Class 2 – Body Sprays: 0.20%
Class 5A – Creams, Lotions and Body Oils: 2.75%
Class 9A – Soaps and Bath Products: 2.75%

If you require maximum concentration data on other classes please contact us

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