Gel candle wax is re-known for making clear candles that can depict a scene, or for food candles. The use of a zinc cored wickis recommended to increase the burn temperature for a lovely bright candle. Bubbles in the wax reflect light through the clear medium to add a very pretty effect not available with other waxes. Gel candle wax can be coloured using colour tabs or liquid candle colours. Soap colours are not suitable for this medium. Not all fragrances are compatible with gel wax so please test prior to using for a larger candle. This gel is medium density.
Melt over low direct heat until completely liquid and allow to cool slightly before pouring. Use a little gel to adhere the tab of the zinc cored wick to the bottom of the glass and do not disturb unless absolutely necessary. Stickems may not hold up to the heat of the melted gel. This product gets extremely hot so do not touch it and do not make this style of candle with children. Not suitable for use in a microwave.

Fragrance Load: 5-8% of gel compatible fragrances
Specific Gravity: 0.865 - 0.871

*** Large quantity of gel (40kg+) may require a 1-2 week lead time depending on our stock levels ***
Orders of more than 1kg are not necessarily supplied in 1kg bags. 5kg orders are usually in a large bag and 20kg supplied in a bulk quantity box.

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