Mango Icre Cream Flavour oil will have you checking your lip balm for drips as you enjoy the luscious flavour

Top- Mango, Tropical Fruit, Banana
Heart- Geranium, Sweet Rose, Green Leaf
Base – Sweet Caramel, White Sugar

Suitable for use in lip balms,massage oils, bath bombs, bath salts, body creams/lotions & shower gels.
 Suggested usage rate is 1-2% (IFRA Maximum is 6.88%)
Not for use in Gel Candles
Untested in Wax candles - may separate out due to the base medium

Vegetarian and Vegan
Phthalate Free
Gluten Free
Does not contain stevia or xylitol
Vanillin Content: 0%

This product has not been tested in the following applications, but maximum usage rates follow, if you feel like trying them out.

IFRA Category 1 Products applied to the lips  6.88%
IFRA Category 2 Products applied to the axillae: 2.14%
IFRA Category 3 Eye products 23.14%
IFRA Category 4 Products related to fine fragrance:  23.14
IFRA Category 5A Body lotion products  9.78%
IFRA Category 5B Face moisturizer products   9.78%
IFRA Category 5C Hand cream products   9.78%
IFRA Category 5D Baby Products  3.21%
IFRA Category 6 Internal oral   22.93
IFRA Category 7A Rinse-off hair products 79.51
IFRA Category 7B Leave-on hair products   23.14
IFRA Category 8 Products Intimate contact;   3.21%
IFRA Category 9 Rinse off: Bar soap; Liquid soap;  74.92%
IFRA Category 10A Household care non spray:  74.92%
IFRA Category 10B Household spray products:   23.14%
IFRA Category 12 Non skin contact Candles, diffusers etc Not limited but may separate.

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