C1 Nature wax is an all-natural, soy and palm wax blend with great hot and cold scent throw that is used for containers and melts
C-1 wax has been one of the most popular container waxes used in Australia and still holds a significant following today as it's preferred for its glass adhesion that minimized wet spots, frosting, and pull-away.

It has minimal fat bloom and sink when cooled properly. It works with both powder and liquid dyes as well as all types of fragrances.
Use it plain as container wax or as a blend to create pillar candles. We suggest blending with  stearic acid if pillars are your objective.
Comes in flake form for easy handling.
Is a creamy, opaque and very stable wax when poured around 43°, however, it sometimes requires a second pour or minimal touch up.

Suitable for Containers, Tealights or melts

Make-Up: Soy and palm blend
Form: Flake
Pour Temperature: 43-57ºC  (110°-135°F)
Melt Point: 51- 54ºC (124°-130°F)

MADE in the USA

Fragrance load: up to 8% maximum

Vegetarian and Vegan.

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