This stunning bright neon colour powder pack is made up from our range of incredibly bright and eye catching colours.

Suitable for melt and pour and cold process soap making.

Not to be used in eye products
Do not use in hair dyes

Mango Tango Neon

ngredients:Polyurethane-11, yellow 5

CAS#:68258-82-2, 12225-21-7

Lemon Glacier Neon:

 Polyurethane 11       CAS# 68258-82-2
Yellow 5          CAS# 12225-21-7

Carbazole Neon:

 Polyurethane 11      CAS# 68258-82-2
Manganese violet          CAS# 10101-66-3

Harlequin Neon:

  Polyurethane-11 CAS# 68258-82-2
Chromium green oxide   CAS# 1308-38-9

Jazzberry Jam Neon:

Polyurethane 11        CAS# 68258-82-2
Red 28         CAS# 18472-87-2