Orange Organic Calendula Petals are known the world over both for their stunning colour, delicate aroma and soothing properties. Used for centuries for rituals and healing, consider using them in your creations to bring in that historic magic.

Said to have wonderful healing properties, Calendula petals are believed to efficiently aid cuts, burns, bruises, insect bites and scalds. Use alone as decoration or bath teas, or infused with oil as an ingredient in soaps, lotions, moisturizers and soothing balms to unlock it's full potential!

The soft floral aroma of Heirloom's organic Orange Calendula petals is truly heavenly. Imbue your creations with a unique, all-natural scent and gather in the compliments!

Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis
Country of Origin: India
Plant Part: Flower

Our Calendula petals have NASAA Organic certification