With the shortage of alcohol available at a time of great fear we have managed to source a grade of alcohol that was made to be perfumers alcohol but fell just short.  It is still 95% alcohol and is great to use for hand sanitizers. If you are creating for your protection please ensure the alcohol content of your product is between 60% and 70% for greatest efficacy.
This  grade of Ethanol is manufactured to a high quality, ensuring that the product has a very neutral odour. This makes this grade perfect for applications such as hand sanitisers for personal use, at a time when perfumers alcohol is in short supply

  This product has had to be re-configured to meet with shipping regulations. Please select ONLY TNT ROAD transport to deliver your order (overnight is not permitted). Collection is also an available option for this product. Orders that do not comply may be cancelled.

Once the approved denaturants are added, the Ethanol is non-potable and only suitable for these applications.
Ingredients: Alcohol (95%), purified water, 2 Tertuary Butanol (denaturant)
This perfumers grade alcohol is produced from natural sugar cane or from sugar cane by-products, namely molasses.
This product is Palm Free.

CAS# 64-17-5
Carrier solvent ethanol 95PGF4 UN No 1170
Packaging group 11
Hazchem 2 (Y) E
HS Code 2207.20

Keep container tightly closed in well ventilated space
Keep away from sources of ignition (No Smoking)
Wear suitable protective clothing - gloves/eye/face protection.
Not to be consumed
Keep out of reach of children
Flammable product

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