This non-ionic, vegetable derived surfactant is fantastic for dispersing and emulsifying oil in water to assist the creation of products like linen sprays, room scenters, body and facial mists etc.

To obtain a clear product start by adding twice as much polysorbate to essential/fragrance oil. Slowly add distilled water to this combination. If the mix is cloudy you may need to add more polysorbate 20 until you obtain clarity.  5-10 times the amount of scent may be required, so don't be too shy with it.  Do not take the solubiliser quantitiy over 5% of your formulation.  The amount of polysorbate 20 required to disperse oils will vary from product to product.

HLB: 16.7

CAS Number: 9005-64-8

Vegetarians and Vegan.

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