Only 1 x 1kg container of this product may be shipped per order and may not be combined with any other dangerous goods such as caustic soda.  Ordering more than 1kg will result in refund for any greater than one unless you would prefer the $40 fee for shipping over 1kg Dangerous Goods.  If you need more than one please place a separate order for each bottle to allow shipping, or let us know you are happy with the extra $40 delivery charge we can process manually for you.  Non dangerous goods may travel in the same parcel with this product.

Potassium Hydroxide is the form of caustic required for the manufacture of soap that will remain liquid after completion and dilution. Used in making liquid soaps and soap based shampoos especially. This product is a flake that is <=100%.

CAS Number: 1310-58-3

 This product cannot be shipped by us internationally.

This product is considered dangerous goods.  Do not ingest.  Keep away from children and animals.  Always wear gloves and goggles when handling potassium hydroxide.
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