Heirloom's Pumice Ground is perfect for all your exfoliant needs. Add to soaps, hand cleaners, foot scrubs, or body care products that crave a little bit of abrasion.
Our Pumice Ground is a natural, eco-friendly alternative to the micro-plastic beads often used in commercial exfoliants. These micro-beads flow to the ocean where they refuse to break down, instead clogging our waterways and poisoning our marine life. Say YES! to sustainability and use our wonderful Pumice Ground instead.

Recommended Usage Rate: I-5% for skin care.
                                                Soap input will depend on the outcome you require.

Given that this product is ground volcanic rock, it has a bit of weight to it.  When you are adding it to soap you will need to be careful it does not fall out of suspension while setting up. 

  • Melt and pour soap: allow it to get to a gloopy stage before adding, Cold process soap: get to medium trace as a minimum to ensure you do not have the pumice on the bottom of your bars. 
  • Not suitable for liquid soap as it will not stay suspended

INCI: Pumice
CAS Number: 1332-09-8

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