This stunning neon red colour powder is bright and cheery. It does tend slightly to the orange side of the spectrum giving it even more glamour.

Suitable for use on eyes, lips, nail polish, wash off products, cold process soap and melt and pour soap and approved for these uses in the EU.
This pigment is not permitted for use in cosmetics in the USA per the FDA. It is, however, a wonderful product for use in soap and other crafts. It is not permitted for use in products such as eye shadow, bath bombs, lotions, shampoos, nail polish, etc.

4gm of this colour to a kilo of oils will result in a medium shade. This colour is a pigment, so should not bleed in your soap

If using for bath applications with carrier oils the addition of polysorbate 80 to the product is recommended to avoid the colour adhering to the tub.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Ingredients: Solvent Yellow 172, Solvent Green 5 (59075), Basic Violet 11 (45174), Basic Red 1:1 (45161), Resin.

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