DANGEROUS GOODS: Border Express will deliver up to 1litre of ethanol (combinations of all types to this limit) without charging a dangerous goods fee.  Once 1lt is exceeded a $40 dangerous goods charge is payable to please keep to this limit to avoid excess costs.

Should you wish more than 1 litre of this product please visit here where product options include the  DG fee

This ethanol started its life intending to be perfumers grade but fell just short at testing.  It is still 95% alcohol and is perfect for hand santizers in our crazy times.  Please ensure your recipe is 60-70% alcohol to be effective in its sanitizing duties

This  grade of Ethanol is manufactured to a high quality, but the denaturant does give the product has a stronger odour. 

Once the approved denaturants are added, the Ethanol is non-potable and only suitable for  applications requiring high alcohol content that are not intended for ingestion.

Ingredients: Alcohol (95%), purified water, 2 Tertuary Butanol (denaturant)
This grade of alcohol is produced from natural sugar cane or from sugar cane by-products, namely molasses.
This product is Palm Free.

CAS# 64-17-5

Carrier solvent ethanol 95PGF4 UN No 1170
Packaging group 11
Hazchem 2 (Y) E

HS Code 2207.20

Keep container tightly closed in well ventilated space
Keep away from sources of ignition (No Smoking)
Wear suitable protective clothing - gloves/eye/face protection.
Not to be consumed
Keep out of reach of children
Flammable product


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