This Australian made wick holder is an amazing tool to hold your wick safely in position.  It can hold single, double or even wood wicks (not supplied by Heirloom) in place until your candle has totally set up.  The stepped legs allow for centering with different jar sizes, and the legs are "V" shaped for stability.  The TruWick wick holder is hinged to allow for opening to position your wick  before closing with the firm ball joint clip to clamp the two sides together.  This will ensure the wick/s are not released before you choose to release them.

How to use:
Before first use open and close the holder a few times to relax the plastic hinge

  1. Open the ball joint of the TruWicks Holder
  2. Place the wick in the desired location
  3. Locate the stepped legs onto the glassware pushing to one side if needed to reduce movement
  4. Pour your candle
  5. Allow to set completely
  6. Open the TruWik Wick Holder and remove from wick


  • 120mm long
  • 11mm wide with ball joint closed
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Made in Australia
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