Try this updated version of one of perfumery's oldest florals - violet essence has been used since ancient times as a perfume and in wine, medicine, confections, and love potions. A dazzlingly sweet, rich, single-note floral. INTERESTING NOTE: Many customers have told us in phone calls that they never expected this fragrance to sell well for them and that they initially bought it on a whim, but that it's turned out to be a great seller in their soap and candle lines.

 Flashpoint: >200º F.

Body: Skin safe
Soap: CP, HP, M & P
Recommended CP Usage Rate: 25-40ml per kilo of oils
Recommended M & P Usage Rate: 1.5-2%
Discolouration: None
Acceleration: No
Soy: Excellent
Paraffin: Excellent
Gel: No
Flash Point: 93ºC (200º F.)
Vegan: Yes


IFRA Category 1 Products applied to the lips  NOT APPROVED
IFRA Category 2 Products applied to the axillae: 2.05%
IFRA Category 3 Eye products 0.60%
IFRA Category 4 Products related to fine fragrance:  7.00%
IFRA Category 5A Body lotion products  6.25%
IFRA Category 5B Face moisturizer products   0.30%
IFRA Category 5C Hand cream products   1.20%
IFRA Category 5D Baby Products  0.10%
IFRA Category 6 Internal oral   NOT APPROVED
IFRA Category 7A Rinse-off hair products 0.60%
IFRA Category 7B Leave-on hair products   0.60%
IFRA Category 8 Products Intimate contact;   0.10%
IFRA Category 9 Rinse off: Bar soap; Liquid soap;  2.75%
IFRA Category 10A Household care non spray:  2.75%
IFRA Category 10B Household spray products:   9.50%
IFRA Category 12 Non skin contact Candles, diffusers etc Not limited

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