Fragrance Quantity Recommendations

Fragrance Quantity Recommendations

When you are trying to make your own products sometimes it can be hard to know how much fragrance or essential oil you should add to a product.
Here are some recommendations, but always be guided by IFRA maximum limitations.

Limits are generally lower for fragrance oils as they can be stronger, but also use common sense with strong essential oils and weak fragrances to get the balance you need.

These are guidelines only:

Face Products (except products intended for use around eyes which are half strength)
Essential oils: 0.5% Max
Fragrance Oils: 0.2% Max

Body Products
Essential Oils: 1.5% Max
Fragrance Oils 0.5% Max

Wash Off Products (including hair)
Essential Oils: 1.8% Max
Fragrance Oils: 0.6% Max

Baby Products (consider if you really need fragrance in these)
Essential Oils: 0.3% Max
Fragrance Oils: 0.1% Max

Soap Products (If your scent does not offer usage rates )
Melt and Pour Soaps: 2-3%
Cold Process Soaps: 3-5%

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In cold process soap you would want 3-5% of the weight of the oils in your recipe. This would be the total oil blend not per component.


Just starting on this soap making so I’m still asking lots of questions. When a essential oil blend is telling me to use 3-5% is that the percentage of oils or total of cold soap mix?

Jenny Cook

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