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Welcome to Heirloom Body Care – Your Crafting Haven!
Unleash your creativity with our premium candle, soap, and cosmetic ingredients. From wax and wicks to molds, fragrances, and colors, we've got all you need for candle crafting.
Dive into soap artistry with base oils, caustic soda, molds, and vibrant colors. Enhance your self-care routine with nourishing carrier oils, lipids, and antioxidants.
At Heirloom Body Care, we're not just a store; we're a community of creators. Join us in crafting moments that matter. Explore our collection and let your imagination run wild!

Craft your signature experience with Heirloom Body Care – Your Artistic Oasis!
Choose from a spectrum of colors, enchanting micas, sparkling glitters, and exquisite Heirloom fragrances to transform your soaps, candles, and body products into personalized masterpieces. Elevate your creations to new heights, making each one exceptional and uniquely yours. Discover the magic of customization at Heirloom Body Care. Your journey to crafting extraordinary products starts here!


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Our Prices are very competitive.


Natural Deodorant Recipe

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons (40gm) of coconut oil 2 tablespoons (25gm) of shea butter 3g of... Read more

Fresh Body Butter

Fresh Body Butter is a moisturising oil in water thick, rich cream that is fully... Read more

Rich Hair Mask

Rich Hair Mask is the perfect pick me up for dry or damaged hair.  Restore... Read more

Micellar Water

Micellar water is a fabulously gentle makeup remover for water based makeup products A 90.35gm... Read more

Lemon Myrtle Wax Brittle

Lemon Myrtle Wax Brittle is a lovely alternative to traditional wax melts with the end... Read more

Essential Oil Wax Blocks

Essential Oil Wax Blocks are a fantastic product to help freshen up areas in your home... Read more

Charcoal Face Mask

Our Charcoal Face Mask has been formulated to help reduce pore blockages that can cause... Read more

Cupcake Face Mask

This moisturising face mask is amazing for tired and dry skin, and very simple to... Read more

Goddess Tub Tea

Take a break and treat yourself with our spa-inspired Tub Tea infused with our own... Read more

Summer Peach Scrub

This simple to make body scrub bursting with an orchard-fresh Peach fragrance is sure to... Read more

Lavender Hand and Body Cream

This lavender hand and body cream is moisturising and luxuriant with ingredients your skin will... Read more

Relaxing Bath Milk Recipe

Bath milk adds a new dimension to relaxing and pampering your skin.  In this dry... Read more

Pink Salt & Lavender Scrub

Pink salt and lavender. So pretty and invigorating 🤩Create a visually striking product by substituting... Read more

Emulsifier Free Lotion Recipe

If you are not a fan of commercial emulsifiers in your lotion try this simple... Read more

Aleppo Soap Recipe

Aleppo soap is a traditional Syrian product that is made from olive oil and Laurel... Read more

Skin Refining Cleansing Oil Recipe

25ml Almond Oil15ml Argan Oil10ml Jojoba Oil5 drops Vitamin E7 Drops Relaxing Essential Oil BlendCombine oils... Read more

Foundation Recipe

Foundation is a tricky product to create for everyone because every skin is different. They... Read more

Hand Sanitizer Gel

Hand santizers have become extremely popular to ensure hands are really clean while out and... Read more

Hand Sanitizer Spray

This hand sanitizer spray is quick to make and effective without the need for too... Read more

Conditioner Bars

After last fortnights recipe on solid shampoo bars it seems only right to complete the... Read more

Basic Cream Recipe

This recipe is a simple but effective light cream base full of great skin feel and... Read more

Bentonite Clay Face Mask Recipe

Bentonite Clay is known for its deep cleansing and soothing properties and gentle exfoliation, so... Read more

Scoop-able Wax Melts Recipe

These creations work just like a normal tart melt. However, they are packaged in a... Read more

Shampoo Bar Recipe

Since we have begun stocking sodium coco sulphate needles we have been inundated with requests... Read more

SolveAll Pumice Soap

Mechanics, gardeners, and even soap makers will find that something has ended up staining their... Read more

Blooming Bath Oil Recipe

This recipe will make up 250ml of bath oil which can be packaged as you... Read more

Shower Steamers

With the winter months upon us the heavy head of colds can be a problem... Read more

Simple Mechanics Scrub

Do you have someone you just can't get clean? Try this simple scrub for softer,... Read more

Soothing Foot Soak

  Please test all recipes to ensure they meet your requirements.  No guarantee is offered... Read more

Refreshing Foot Scrub

Our Refreshing Foot Scrub has been formulated to gently exfoliate and soothe tired feet leaving... Read more

Cleansing Foot Scrub

This is a quick and easy foot scrub to cleanse and revitalise the feet. Ingredients:... Read more

Lavender Body Scrub Recipe

Ideal for both Fine and Medium Sea Salt lovers, our Lavender Body Scrub delivers invigorating... Read more

Orange Mango Smoothie Soap

This fresh and creamy soap will impress the skin troubled people in your life. Ingredients:... Read more

Green Tea and Barley Soap

This soap is healing, softening, emollient (rice bran oil) or balancing (jojoba) and anti-oxidant.  Excellent... Read more

Raspberry Cream Soap

This is a very forgiving product that allows you to make it just how you... Read more

Sandalwood Vanilla Scrub Soap

What could be better than a soap that exfoliates at the same time? Ingredients: 125gm... Read more

Floral Delight Soap

This creamy, luxurious floral soap is easy to make using melt and pour soap base.... Read more

Luxurious Furniture Polish

Use this recipe to add shine and nutrition to wooden furniture. Ingredients: 25gm Beeswax 75gm... Read more

Solid Deodorant

Make your own deodorant at home with this amazing recipe. 85g Cocoa butter. 15g Beeswax... Read more

Solid Perfume Base

Solid perfume base is very simple to make at home. Ingredients: 1 teaspoon Beeswax pellets... Read more

Sensual Sandalwood Perfume

A darker fragrance blend with warm undertones and a touch of musk Ingredients: to 1... Read more

Raspberries and Cream Perfume

  The stunning scent of raspberries with that deep aroma of vanilla - stunning. ingredients:... Read more

Fruit Fantasy Perfume

This fruity fragrance is sure to please. Ingredients: to 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil or... Read more

Orange Delight Perfume

A fresh and warm fragrance blend to impress Ingredients: To 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil... Read more

Energy Soap (Cold Process)

This cold process soap recipe assumes you have basic knowledge of making soap from scratch. ... Read more

Lotion Bars

Lotion bars are a solid moisturiser that are easy to make and wonderful to use.... Read more

Body Butter Base (True butter/oil product)

Please note that this recipe is to make a true body butter rather than the... Read more

Amazing Moisturising Cream Recipe

This is a wonderful soak in cream that is cool and soothing, and just an... Read more

Nourishing Body Lotion Recipe

This lovely lotion is smooth and delicate, but simple Ingredients: Oil Phase 20ml Avocado oil... Read more

Luxury Hand Cream

This cream is thick and rich for those with troubled hands needing a little more... Read more

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