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Ever wonder why your liquid oils seem to weigh less than the expected weight?  Hopefully this article will help explain it for you.

Have you ever received a delivery of oil and wondered why it is lighter than you expected?  It has to do with specific gravity, and all oils are not the same.  Those fancy scales that tell you that they are "weighing" your product in milliliters are actually assuming you are...

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Micas are colourants that are man made from natural beginnings, but synthetic additives stop these from continuing to be called "natural".

Mica is a naturally occurring rock found in specialized mines around the world.  On its own, yes mica is natural. BUT, mica is not usually used in this format when it is used in bath, soap and makeup products.  Mica is known for its gorgeous bright colours that come along with...

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Do you need an essential oil or a fragrance oil for your next project?

Scented oils are often confused as to whether they are essential oils or fragrance oils.  Essential oils are extracted from the leaves or roots of plants primarily by pressing, distilling or using catalysts to extract the oils.  These are considered to be natural oils Fragrance oils are primarily synthetic in...

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