As an Australian business, multi-culturalism has always been and will continue to be at the forefront of our operations, therefore approaching and treating each fellow human whether staff or customer, as an equal as opposed to singling out specific groups. Active listening is one of our greatest strengths and is what builds exceptional rapport with our customers.

We are committed to implementing and promoting an inclusive atmosphere for our multi-faceted customer base by bestowing a service that is both respectful and appropriate for each individual whilst communicating in person and online. I have created opportunities within my company for people from all walks of life and have a diverse group of employees.

Our content including social media, newsletters and all other forms of communication with our customers and suppliers are always considered with equality and respect, regardless of gender or race.

Multi-cultural values make up an integral part of the foundation of my company, and we are proud to encourage anti - racism and equality throughout our industry by continuing to provide the level of service and professionalism our customers and suppliers have come to expect and appreciate.


For more information regarding the guidelines we follow, we kindly ask that you refer to the following links. Thank you.


Face the facts – cultural diversity

And this

Sex Discrimination act

Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012

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