If you are having problems with your melt and pour soap bases please have a look through this list of possible issues to find the solution to your concern.

Renascent Bath Body
Melt & Pour Soap Base FAQs


Q. My soap has little ‘beads’ of water all over it
A. Although the RBB bases are low sweat - If you melt it over too high a heat, too quickly, or cool too quickly (eg: freezer) when your soap sets it will form "beads" of sweat on the soap and ruin the appearance.  Your soap can be melted again once or twice if this happens.  This generally will not occur easily with the Renascent Soap Base.  However, it does happen with all MP soap bases under certain conditions.  Certain fragrance oils or humidity also causes this.  Wrap in air excluding plastic to prevent this occurring.

Q. My opaque soap is transparent
A. At the melting stage your opaque soap may become slightly transparent.  This is a temporary state and will become opaque once again on setting.  Naturally transparent soap base remains transparent

Q. My transparent soap has become opaque.
A. Due to storage, transport & high temperatures a little water may evaporate from your soap base causing an opaque appearance.  When melting, add up to 10% water to your soap base to assist it to become clear again.

Q. My clear soap is cloudy with bubbles.
A. As you heat it it will become clearer.  Melt at a low temperature (too high causes cloudiness).  If this occurs spray with isopropyl alcohol to release bubbles.

Q. How do I know how much Pigment to use?
A. Keeping in mind your colours (if used) will lighten slightly on setting you may like to have them a little darker than desired at thee melting stage.  Just add according to what shade looks right.

Q. When I unmoulded my soap it wasn't quite set, and I ruined it
A. Your soap can be melted again once or twice if this happens.

Q. My soap doesn't last very long.
A. Melt and pour soap bases may use up more quickly than commercial soaps due to the higher glycerine content causing them to be a little softer.  If you wish to prolong its life ensure it is kept fairly dry between uses and do not leave in water or it will go slimy.  If manufacturing professionally a dehumidifier will dry the moisture out of your soap & greatly prolong its life.  

Q. How much soap will 1kg make
A. If your mould holds 100gm then you will get just under 10 soap bars.  If your moulds are larger or smaller divide your kilo of soap by the capacity of your mould to work out how many bars of that size will be made.

This information was provided by Lesley Mitchell of Renascent Bath and Body and may not be reproduced without her written permission.
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