Mica's reputation is unrivalled as a colourant for many purposes, but what is it, and is it suited to all applications?

Dancing with Stardust: Mica's Brilliance in Soap Craft and Beyond

Today, let's embark on a magical journey into the world of mica, where shimmering tales unfold, and crafting dreams come to life. But wait, the magic of mica doesn't stop at soap – it extends its brilliance to various realms of crafting!

Rules: Let's Be Safe

Regardless of your intended use it is still imperitive you investigate your mica for suitability to your application.  Ensure it is skin safe for soaps, makeup and body care products, and lip safe for lip balms and lipsticks. If you intend sending your commercial creations overseas please check that the rules in the receiving country accept the ingredients used in the mica for the application you have applied them to.  Heirloom have this data listed on each of the micas on the site, but if in doubt, please ask.  We are more than happy to help.

Mica's True Colors: Not a Natural Hue, But a Canvas for Creativity

Now, let's debunk a little myth about mica. While mica itself is a natural mineral, the vibrant hues it brings to your creations are courtesy of synthetic pigments.  The natural product is no longer natural at this stage. This means that the best intentions of natural ingredients do not include mica unless it is "sericite" - an uncoloured mica which does not have the fabulous colour mica is known for.
In short, mica is NOT a natural colourant.

Mica in Melt and Pour Soap: A Shimmering Elegance

Picture this – your soap creations adorned with a touch of stardust. That's the magic mica brings to the table. In the clear melt and pour soap world, mica takes center stage, reflecting light and turning your bars into miniature works of art. From subtle glimmers to bold sparkles or solid colour, mica lets you create with magesty..

Mica in Cold Process Soap: Rich Beauty Beneath the Surface

In the realm of cold process soap, where transparency takes a back seat, mica reveals a different charm. While it may not reflect light within the soap body, mica serves as an excellent coloring agent, infusing your creations with vibrant hues. When mica is used on the top of the bars for decoration it can bring a touch of reflective magic to the surface.

Not for Candles, But Perfect for Melts

Now, let's talk candles. Mica, with all its brilliance, is a bit of a diva in the candle world. It tends to be a wick-clogging troublemaker, disrupting the steady dance of the flame. So, candles, step aside. But fear not, for mica finds its true calling in wax melts. Unleash its captivating glow, enhance the aesthetics, and turn every melting moment into a visual feast as the colours dance and play across the molten wax surface with the steady movement heat brings.


Beyond Soap: Mica's Versatile Dance

But wait, the dance of stardust doesn't end with soap. Let mica grace your other crafting adventures:

  • Makeup Magic: Let mica cast its spell on your makeup creations. From eyeshadows that shimmer like stars to foundations, blushes and highlighters that illuminate your features, mica brings a touch of celestial beauty to your makeup palette.

  • Lip Balm Loveliness: Infuse your lip balms with a touch of colour. Lip safe mica adds a delightful colouring agent to the finished product when used in small amounts, or ramp it up to create a sheer shimmer to your lip care creations, turning them into not just a treat for your lips but a feast for the eyes.

  • Bath Bomb Bliss: Elevate your bath bomb game with mica. Create bath bombs that not only fizz and fragrance but also release a mesmerizing display of color as they dissolve.

  • Skincare Spectacle: Unveil the radiant side of skincare. Incorporate mica into your lotions, creams, and body butters for a subtle glow that enhances the skin's natural beauty.

  • Resin Creations: Bring a touch of magic to your resin crafts. Whether it's jewelry, art pieces, or home decor, mica adds a luminous quality that makes your creations truly enchanting.

Embrace the brilliance of mica in all your crafting escapades. From soap to lip balm, bath bombs to resin creations, skincare products that glow, and makeup that sparkles, let mica be your guide to a world where every creation is touched by stardust.

Happy crafting, and may your crafting endeavors be adorned with the enchanting charm of mica!

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