With the winter months upon us the heavy head of colds can be a problem in any household.  There is nothing like the power of steam to help clear those troubled sinuses.  Add to it the boost of menthol and you will be breathing clearer in no time.

Shower steamers are like little bath bombs for the shower, imparting their fragrance gradually into the air.  As you clean your body, you clear your head.


200gm bicarbonate of soda
100gm citric acid
40gm menthol crystals
1 teaspoon soy bean oil
1 teaspoon eucalyptus essential oil
Water in a spray bottle (may or may not be required)
Green mica (or colour of your choice)
Tablespoon rock salt for decoration if desired

Gently heat the soybean oil either in the microwave (with ½ cup water to absorb some of the rays) or in a mini double boiler arrangement of a bowl with oil in it within a bowl of boiling water.  Do not get water in the oil

Add this to the menthol crystals and place this also in a double boiler arrangement to complete the melting process.

** Menthol crystals are not water soluble so a little oil is needed to get them started, but heat will melt them from there.

While this is turning to liquid, combine the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid ensuring any lumps are smoothed out.  

Add colour if desired and mix well. Add the eucalyptus essential oil to the now liquid crystal mix and stir to combine.

Make a well in your dry ingredients and put on a pair of gloves.

Add the oil to the centre of your dry ingredients and stir well before rubbing through with your gloved hands until all is well combined.

Squeeze tightly in your fist and see if the mix holds form.  If it is still a little crumbly add a few squirts of water and mix quickly as it will start to react.  (Don’t add too much as it will begin a reaction from which there is no coming back)  Test again to see if the form holds.  

Press firmly into plastic moulds - I found the metal ones did not release easily.

Allow to sit for a few hours before releasing and packing in an airtight container.

To Use:
Place a shower steamer to the side of the shower where it receives the wash of the shower but not the whole impact for a constant release of fragrance to last the shower through.

Please test all recipes to ensure they meet your requirements.  No guarantee is offered for the performance of any recipe offered.