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Did your soap log crack on the surface soon after making it?  Here is why and how to fix it.

When making cold process soap sometimes the unexpected can happen. One such occurrence is the cracking of a log of soap while it is still in the mould after recently being poured. This has happened because your soap has begun to set on the outside, but the inside has heated...

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There is much confusion about the use of the terms "pressed" and "processed" and it is helpful to understand the difference. Many carrier oils and essential oils are used in the manufacture of our body care products and soaps.  These have, in many instances, been pressed from the flesh, seeds,...

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Micas are colourants that are man made from natural beginnings, but synthetic additives stop these from continuing to be called "natural".

Mica is a naturally occurring rock found in specialized mines around the world.  On its own, yes mica is natural. BUT, mica is not usually used in this format when it is used in bath, soap and makeup products.  Mica is known for its gorgeous bright colours that come along with...

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