Amazing Moisturising Cream

Amazing Moisturising Cream Recipe

This is a wonderful soak in cream that is cool and soothing, and just an all round good moisturizing cream.

Makes 100gm of finished product.

Phase A

Phase B

Phase C (add any or all when cream has cooled below 40 deg)

  1. Heat phase A and B separately to about 70ºc . Heat the oils in a deep dish double boiler and the B phase in a jug in the microwave oven.
  2. When oils and waxes are fully melted remove from the water (bottom pan).
  3. Add the heated water to the oils in a steady fast flowing stream while stirring (don't pour to slow or it can cause separation later on.)
  4. Mix with a stick blender, and continue with short bursts every few minutes until the mix thickens and cools.
  5. Add your desired ingredients from phase C.

Many thanks to Nicole Churchward for supplying this recipe.

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Hi Jessica,
If you are sure you did not leave out the emulsifier or emulsifying wax it could be your scales.

Kerry Pearson

Hi Jessica,

The preservative amount comes from the preservative itself. A specific one has not been listed as many people already have one. IF you do not I would add Euxyl PE 9010 at 1% which is 1g for this recipe.

Kerry Pearson

Hi again, I just made this and it’s come out really greasy, and a lotion rather than a cream, so I’ve obviously stuffed up somewhere! Any thoughts? I’m in Broome WA with 90% humidity currently so I think that might have stuffed my jewellery scales up (?) any help or thoughts appreciated x jess

Jessica Jones

Hi, what’s the preservative recommended amount for this mixture?

Jessica Jones

Hi Marilou,
One gram is a weight measurement that is close to one milligram. Propylene glycol is not a preservative but a humectant. I would suggest liquid germall plus or optiphen plus at the recommended rate.


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