This is a really luxurious and flexible product you can make simply and easily. All quantities depend on how much you wish to make and how intense you would like the finished product, so only ingredients have been listed here to allow you to play.


  • take a quantity of salt of your choice - this can be rock, fine, epsom or a combination of two or more.
  • colour powder if desired
  • clay of choice if desired (only choose one of these colour options)
  • flowers if desired.
  • glycerine
  • fragrance or essential oil.


  1. Combine salt with colour powder(or clay) if using, and mix well. add a small amount of glycerine, just to bring out the shine to the salt and intensify the colour. Too much and you get a sodden mess, so go with less and add if required.
  2. Add any of the other ingredients you have selected and mix well. If using flowers add them last and mix gently to allow them to hold their form.
  3. Package as desired.