Bath salts are a wonderful relaxing Additive to any bath time experience. They soften the water and your skin, as well as releasing pleasing aromas to fill your room and your senses.

Tailor our Bath Salts recipe to your needs and create a spa-inspired mix with enriching salts to hydrate and revitalize your skin. And with fragrance or essential oil to boost your senses, you’ll be feeling replenished from head to toe.


  • Rock, Fine or Epsom Salts – or a combination of these
  • Colour Powder – if desired
  • Clay of your choice – only if you’re not using a colour powder
  • Glycerine – small amount to bring out the shine to the salt and intensify the colour
  • Fragrance or Essential Oil of your choice
  • Flowers – if desired

 Bath salt options   Himalayan Bath salt choices   Himalayan Epsom Mix   Fine Himalayan option   Hibiscus Flowers Dried


  1. Combine the amount of salt you have chosen to use with the clay or colour powder and mix well. Add a small amount of glycerine as needed, but not too much as this can result in a soggy mess.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. If you’ve chosen to use flowers add them last and mix gently to avoid compromising their form.
  3. Package as desired.

Bath Salts with Himalayan Salt   Packaged Product

If a customised recipe is not something you are ready for just yet, try our Goddess Tub Tea recipe to get you going. 

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    • Kerry Pearson

      Hi Billy,
      Clay would mainly be used as a natural colourant so use coloured ones (pink, green etc) until you have a little colour to your batch. Do not use heaps as this does not dissolve and will form a mud on the bottom of the bath after a while. I would go with a teaspoon to a tablespoon per 500gm.

    • billy Hennessy

      Are you able to tell me which clay to use and quantities please?

    • Kerry Pearson

      Necessary, no. It is a humectant so allows it to be more moisturising and brings the colour powders to life before they hit the water. You dont need to add it if you dont wish to though

    • ebony

      hey is glycerine necessary

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