This recipe is for 1 use and should be made just before use as it does not include any preservatives to maintain it.

3gm bentonite clay
3gm rice sand
Approximately 5ml rose hydrosol (you can use water if you prefer)

1. In a glass bowl mix the clay and rice sand until evenly dispersed
2. Add the hydrosol and mix until it forms a smooth paste.  Add more liquid if required as moisture levels can vary in the dry ingredients.
3. Apply to the face in an even layer and leave for 10 minutes (approx) until the mask is dry.
4. Moisten with luke warm water and massage gently as you wash it off to exfoliate your skin.
5. Apply your favourite moisturiser to freshen your newly revealed skin (optional)

Please test all recipes to ensure they meet your requirements.  No guarantee is offered for the performance of any recipe offered.