The addition of neem oil to this soap aids flea control while adding a natural look to the finished product.


  • Coconut oil 100g (30%)
  • Olive oil 100g (30%)
  • Palm oil 100g (30%)
  • Neem essential oil 30g (10%)
  • Sodium lactate 6g (2%) (approx)
  • Water 112.5g
  • Lye 48gr (6% superfat gives a nice shine to a dogs coat.)
  • 1ml spearmint essential oil
  • 1ml lemongrass essential oil
  • 5ml lavender essential oil


This recipe will do 3-4 dog bones, or about 450gm soap
(An infusion of fresh pennyroyal in the water will add extra flea killing power to the recipe.)

Use standard soapmaking procedures to make this soap adding essential oils at trace.
This recipe may move quickly so please be prepared.

Please test all recipes to ensure they meet your requirements.  No guarantee is offered for the performance of any recipe offered.