This facial serum is designed for mature skin, but swap the oils for something that resonates with you better to created your own ideal.

A facial serum works together with your moisturizer as it deeply penetrates the skin delivering a powerful boost of active ingredients for your moisturizer to seal in and provide a healthy, hydrated glow🌟🌟

Powerful yet gentle this serum can be incorporated into your evening skincare routine by pressing a couple of drops into the skin before applying your moisturizer.  Carefully pressing rather than rubbing or massaging allows the oils to really soak in as opposed to just sitting on the skin's surface 


  • Apricot kernel oil 60ml
  • Rosehip oil 20ml
  • Evening primrose oil 15ml
  • Carrot seed oil 0.5ml
  • 0.3ml Lavender or Rose essential oil if desired


  1. Mix ingredients together well
  2. Pour into bottle with serum pump fixture.
  3. Apply sparingly before bed nightly.