This hand sanitizer spray is quick to make and effective without the need for too many ingredients

Phase A
3% Glycerine
27% Water

Phase B
70% Alcohol (95% or greater)

Combine Phase A until evenly distributed
Slowly add Phase B and stir well until combined

Essential oils or fragrance oil may be added in small amounts if desired.

Please remember you are dealing with highly flammable materials and must adhere to transport regulations for dangerous goods if shipping.


Please note the labelling requirements of such products

Additional requirements for hand sanitisers

             (1)  This section applies to hand sanitiser that contains alcohol as the primary active ingredient.

Note:          This instrument does not apply to hand sanitisers that are therapeutic goods within the meaning of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, or that are excluded goods for the purposes of that Act under the Therapeutic Goods (Excluded Goods—Hand Sanitisers) Determination 2020 (see subsection 5(2) of this instrument).

             (2)  The amount of alcohol contained in the hand sanitiser must be shown as a percentage (%), by volume per volume (v/v), in a manner that is prominent and clearly legible:

                     (a)  in the list of ingredients; or

                     (b)  elsewhere on the container.

             (3)  The following warnings must be shown on the container (as the words set out below, or as other words, or pictograms, that could reasonably be regarded as having the same meaning):

                            Keep out of reach of children

                            For external use only

                            If ingested, seek immediate medical attention

                            Flammable—keep away from fire and heat

                            Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs

Note:          If a supplier makes a claim or representation intended to promote a product, such as “kills 99.99% of germs”, the supplier may be required to give information and/or produce documents to the regulator that could be capable of substantiating or supporting the claim or representation (see section 219 of the Australian Consumer Law).

Please test all recipes to ensure they meet your requirements.  No guarantee is offered for the performance of any recipe offered.