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Make your own amazing hand and body cream using our simple recipe.

This lavender hand and body cream is moisturising and luxuriant with ingredients your skin will love.  Written in a format that is scalable to the quantity you wish to make to allow you to make one jar for yourself, trials and larger production runs alike.
This cream has a medium to low viscosity for daily use and great skin feel. 


Phase %w/w input Ingredient
A 77.40 Water
B 5.00 Glycerine
B 0.30 Xanthan Gum
C 1.50 Glyceryl Stearate Citrate 
C 5.00 Emulsifying Wax (Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20) 
C 3.00 Almond oil
C 2.00 Cocoa butter
C 4.00 Fractionated Coconut oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides)
D 0.90 Euxyl PE9010
D 0.30 Lavender  essential oil (use commercial oils if desired)
D 0.60 Tocopherols - mixed
q.s. pH Adjuster (see linked tutorial if you need more information around this point)


1. Measure out phase A.

2. Combine phase B to form a slurry. Add to phase A and stir thoroughly until a homogenous gel forms.

3. Heat phase A/B to 75⁰C. Combine phase C and heat to 75⁰C. Add phase C to phase A/B while stirring and mix until a smooth, glossy, homogenous emulsion forms.

4. Allow mixture to cool while gently stirring until <40⁰C. Add phase D and stir through until homogenous.

5. Allow to cool <25⁰C. Check/adjust final pH to 5 - 5.5. Product will need overnight to thicken fully, do not evaluate it on the day you make it. Cover and give a final stir the next day before pouring off.

By Kerry Pearson 2 comment


comments (2)

  • Kerry Pearson

    The glycerine is a humectant that will draw moisture to your skin, but is also a product that will allow you to add xanthan gum to your water without globs of undissolved material forming. Glycerine is needed to slurry this material to allow a smooth finish.

  • SAbah

    Hi I made this turned out good but why is it got like little glycerol in it

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