Micellar water is a fabulously gentle makeup remover for water based makeup products

A 90.35gm  Demineralised Water
A 0.10gm  Dermofeel PA-3 Natural Chelating agent
A 4.00gm  Glycerin

B 4.50gm Polysorbate 20
B 0.10gm Fragrance - select your own!
B 0.05gm Tocopherols - mixed
B 1.00gm Euxyl PE9010)
q.s. pH Adjuster


1. Combine ingredients in phase A with a whisk until homogenously mixed.
2. Combine ingredients in phase B with a whisk until homogenously mixed.
3. Add phase B to phase A slowly, with a whisk, until homogenously mixed.
4. Check/adjust pH to 5 - 5.4.  If you are unsure how to do this please refer to this article