Rich Hair Mask is the perfect pick me up for dry or damaged hair.  Restore the shine and smoothness to your hair .

This recipe will make 100gm, but can be worked as a percentage and multiplied out to create larger batches if desired.


A.  69.80gm Demineralised Water

B.  5gm Propanediol
B.  1gm Guar Gum - Cationic

C.  10gm BTMS 25
C.  6gm Emulsifying Wax - Vegetable Derived
C.  1gm Coconut Oil
C.  1gm Shea Butter
C.  3gm Avocado Oil

D.  1gm Euxyl PE 9010
D.  0.2gm Rosemary Essential Oil (opt)
D.  0.1gm Clary Sage (opt)
D.  0.5 D-Panthenol
D.  1gm Hydrolyzed Oat Protein
D.  0.20 Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols
q.s. pH Adjuster


1. Weigh out phases A and B.  Combine phase B and mix well.
2. Add phase B to phase A and stir until evenly dispersed. NOTE: powder will not dissolve not mix thicken until later
3. Heat phase A/B to 80ºC.  Add phase C and whisk until waxes are melted and a smooth homogenous emulsion forms.
4. Allow mix to cool. Stir every few minutes  until under 40ºC.  Add phase D and mix thoroughly
5. Allow to cool to below 25ºC, stirring occasionally.  Check and adjust pH to 4.3-4.8. (Please read this article if unsure how to do this)
6. Cover and allow to sit overnight before packing into prepared packaging.

By Kerry Pearson 8 comment


comments (8)

  • Kerry Pearson

    Hi Sue,
    Leave in for 10 – 30 minutes then wash out

  • Sue

    So can u leave in wash next day

  • Kerry

    Hi Sabah,
    It has a higher melt point than the butters and oils so needs more heat. Please be patient with it. You will need that 80ºC to melt it and may need to keep on the heat for a short while longer to get it all melted.

  • Sabah

    Why does the btms 5 not melt in it

  • Kerry Pearson

    Hi Chloe,
    Some ingredients like the lipids can be replaced by more of the other ones, but for the most part the other ingredients have a part to play.

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