These creations work just like a normal tart melt. However, they are packaged in a container and the user scoops out the amount they would like. This idea helps with the normal struggles of wrapping and packing tart melts and allow for a different level of creativity. You can make the melts colorful, top with glitter, botanicals or you can even make it look like a chocolate sundae! This method gives customers control of the amount they use, and they can even mix fragrances to their liking. In this tutorial we made a pink colored melt topped with Opal white glitter.

Scoop-able Wax Melts Recipe

Materials: This recipe makes approx 905 gm
  • 445 gm C3 Nature Soy wax
  • 340 gm Soy Bean Oil
  • 114 ml of Fragrance oil (We used Black Raspberry and Vanilla)
  • Colour Tab (We used Pink Colour Candle Tab)
  • Preferred containers (Pictured is a 100ml jar)
  • Saucepan
  • Metal or wooden spoon
  • Scales
  1. Measure out wax and oil into a saucepan and  heat until melted
  2. Add in desired amount of colour and stir well
  3. Take off heat and bring temperature down to 85oC
  4. Add fragrance and stir well
  5. Pour into containers, add on any extras (e.g. glitter) and leave to set

When ready to use, scoop out a desired amount and place in the dish of your oil burner. Enjoy!