A lip balm recipe without beeswax is needed for those who like their skincare products vegan.  This recipe will make a harder product for the hotter months.

This luxurious lip balm is designed to be a little harder for those summer months that cause the gooey mess in the bottom of the handbag or car console. Of course no recipe will completely outwit the heat of summer, but this may hold together a little better than most.


  • 30gm Candelilla wax
  • 25gm Castor oil
  • 25gm Macadamia nut oil
  • 20gm Almond oil
  • Colour powder
  • Flavour to taste


  1. Melt wax and oils together
  2. Add colour powder and disperse evenly
  3. Allow to cool
  4. Add flavour oil and mix well
  5. Pour into packaging, but only place lids on when product is completely cold.

This recipe will make approximately 100gm of lip balm that should fill 10x10gm lip balm pots, 20x5gm lip balm tubes, or 6x15ml glass lip balm pots depending on fill level

by Kerry Pearson
Heirloom Body Care

By Heirloom Body Care Admin 2 comment


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  • Kerry Pearson

    Hi Maria,
    Not longer than half an hour. No tutorials at this stage I am sorry

  • Maria

    How long do they take to set, also do you have a tutorial on making lip balm

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